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The sports poster, like so many child actors, often gets forced into early retirement. Once proudly pinned on a dorm-room wall, that Troy Aikman print eventually becomes a guy's awkward reminder of getting older and it gets dumped, or at best gets relegated to a "man cave" along with the other stuff his girlfriend doesn't want to see.


Two British expats recently set out to design sports posters worthy of the living room, and we're impressed with the results so far.


Art of Sport could have named itself Art of Stealth. Its cryptic soccer-team posters appear meant to fly under the radar of a person's non-sports-loving companion, or at least to win her over with minimalism.

"With the help of a few pints we set about sketching out something we could get in the house, and the ladies could live with," said JP Stallard, who met fellow co-founder Rob Duncan while watching a Champions League final in a San Francisco pub.

Those gold hammers set up against a maroon background? They depict the unofficial nickname for West Ham United. The white eagle flying under a light-blue sky? The colors and shield for Manchester City. The Rothko-esque poster for Liverpool FC merely includes various shades of red, the team's home-uniform color.

(As an American football fan, I only know these facts after looking up Wikipedia.)


A literal vision of the Giants' World Series sweep.

Stallard and Duncan have focused on English soccer teams since they launched in September, which makes sense because they're die-hard fans of Premier League rivals Arsenal and Liverpool. But they got my attention with a new print that celebrates my beloved San Francisco Giants' World Series sweep.


The poster is consistent with the art-house treatment all the teams get: there's no logo or mention of the Giants. It's just an orange broom with the city's skyline as the bristles and a tiny "San Francisco 2012" written upside-down. It sold me -- I bought one of the 50 that were released.

The designers hope to expand their catalog to more American teams, especially the NFL. And who wouldn't want to see the larger-than-life Dallas Cowboys or New York Jets go all hipster-beard, modern art on us? This needs to happen if only for the amusement.

As for whether the prints really do pass the domestic test, Stallard said they've done so in his own home.

"My wife Brittanie loved them (but she might be biased)," he said. "She's American and more into baseball so was a big fan of the "Swept" poster. So we have it between our "Keep Calm (and Carry On)" and"'Future Site of Low-intensity Conflict" poster on the mantelpiece."

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Beth Devener on

the SF Giants just swept the dreaded Dodgers in a 3 game series and someone posted this on FaceBook and I LOVE it. Any prints for sale.

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ART OF SPORT by T.Listed

Last week, we received a package at the t.listed team that instantly excited all of us. When we saw the colourful stickers on the outside of the cardboard box, we knew exactly where it came from!

Art of Sport, is a graphic design company based in San Francisco, that was created by designers John Paul Stallard and Rob Duncan. Their designs are inspired by various sports teams and incorporate team history, colours, and names in a subtle manner.


We were so impressed by the care and detail that was taken when packaging the products and sending them to us!

Everything was tastefully stamped with the Art of Sport logo and stickers!

What initially attracted us to Art of Sport was their clean, modern poster designs. We love the concept; finding a compromise and balance between men that love their sports teams and women that want affordable ways to decorate their homes. This will save so many couples the headache of fighting over where to put “his stuff” other than the man cave! Its also great for women that love sports and a chic way to decorate kid’s rooms.

Below we have each styled the prints into our spaces!

The prints are great as a Valentine’s Gift for your boyfriend or girlfriend that love football, soccer, baseball, or just beautifully designed posters!

If you want to purchase these prints or check our their other designs you can on .

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Thank you ART OF SPORT!!!

the t.listed girls!



Amazing Designs for Your Favorite Sports Fan via


Hi everyone! It’s Anna checking back in from Live-Style in London with another new design find – art for sports fans that is so subtle, only true fans know what it is. Also, see below for how to get 10% off any of their prints before the end of February!

Today, my husband sent me an email titled ‘We need this!’ and the website link enclosed was to the Art of Sport store. I don’t mind sports, but don’t live to watch them. I’m happy to nap with a game on in the background. So when I saw the link, I switched into skeptical wife mode and was worried about what I would find. More action photography, signed balls, or perhaps some reference to the last time his team won the Premier League. As it turns out, I was VERY wrong.

There are two designers in San Francisco who share his love for soccer, and have created pieces that I think most people, sport lovers or not, would be more than happy to have on their walls.

¿Quién decía que el fútbol no era arte? by Codimagenta


Los diseñadores John Paul Stallard y Rod Duncan, aparte de diseñadores son unos verdaderos locos del fútbol.


Su objetivo era poder combinar su pasión por el deporte rey con su pasión por el diseño gráfico y para ello crearon Art of Sport, una serie de pósters de sus equipos favoritos en edición limitada pero con un diseño moderno e incorporando referencias a su historia, a sus colores o a sus nombres.

La agencia Mucho Barcelona ha querido hacer lo mismo pero en este caso con todos los equipos españoles. Cada póster funciona como si fuera un jeroglífico. ¿Te atreves a adivinarlos? Seguro que aciertas. ¡En el estudio hemos hecho hasta un concurso!

Finally, a cultural fest about soccer by Cult Montreal


The first edition of the Pitch festival brings the culture of the world’s most popular sport to Montreal, with film screenings, talks and art exhibits all dedicated to the love of soccer.


The fest presents documentaries tackling the game from all angles, many playing for the first time in Canada. Premiering locally, Ladies Turn (2012) profiles an all-female Senegalese team of the same name, while Once in a Lifetime: The Extraordinary Story of the New York Cosmos tracks the short history of the North American Soccer League in the 1970s. The Casuals looks at the emergence of soccer hooligan fashion in 1980s England and Kevin Macdonald’s mega-doc Marley offers an in-depth look at the legendary reggae artist and diehard soccer fan.


Several of the festival’s screenings look at individual players, including Real Madrid legend Laurie Cunningham in First Among Equals. Brazil’s biggest stars are presented together in Pelé, Garrincha, dieux de Brasil, while Les Rebelles du foot profiles how five players — Caszely, Drogba, Mekloufi, Pasic and Socrates — deal with the politics in each of their native countries. Two films address the sport’s darker side: Football’s Suicide Secret looks at mental illness and soccer, while 11 Metri documents the suicide of Italian player and team captain Agostino Di Bartolomei.


In addition to film screenings, the festival presents a series of soccer-related art projects. Argentinian painter Ruben Ramonda captures the spirit of the sport with Coup de Bull, while local artists Alan Ganev and Stikki Peaches each created pop-art foosball tables. In The Art of Sport, designers John Paul Stallard and Rob Duncan frame soccer flags as art objects, and soccer photographer Jeremy Patterson’s work showcases both the game and its rabid fans.

AOS at PitchFest, Montreal

AOS by Bitique


Here we go with some new work that makes turns the fanaticism of following your sports team into art fit for the living room wall.